What We Do

Monthly and weekly support groups
These groups offer opportunities for MS clients and family members to give and receive support, feedback, and sympathy for the accomplishments and challenges in their lives. These uplifting groups operate on two basic premises. First, while MS affects the person with the disease, it also impacts family and friends. Second, the best sources of support for someone coping with MS come from others facing the same challenges. Among others, discussion topics may include: Relationships with medical providers Life skills
Social groups are held bi-weekly and monthly provide an opportunity for sharing and support. Clients with MS lead our social groups.
When a client has a special need for mental health services, the agency will help arrange for that care as well.
Obtaining Health Care and Treatments
Weekly exercise/physical therapy groups in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Woodland Park. In Colorado Springs, groups are offered through Memorial Hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Services. A trained therapist focuses on flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. 
In Woodland Park, group classes are held at the Spinal and Extremity Rehabilitation Center, and follow a similar structure. Classes are completely free for clients, though many contribute a small amount in appreciation. To take part, you must register through the MSA office and have a doctor’s referral. The MSA also offers financial help for medications. We work with pharmaceutical companies to help clients obtain their drugs at a much lower rate.
We also run modified yoga and exercise classes, led by Brian Kleiner, through the support of the MS Foundation. Check our calendar for a full schedule.
Safe and Healthy Living
C.A.R.E.S. (Client Advocacy Resources Education Services) is a case management program for people facing difficult life decisions due to the impact of MS. Skilled case managers can conduct home visits to assess situations. They also help establish personal goals and improve home safety and independence. When possible, other family members and friends are included to help with developing a support system. The client service director can assist with determining how to improve home safety and independent living.
Our agency also has medical equipment that has been donated; wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and more.
Education and Knowledge About the Disease
Professional staff are available by phone or by appointment to consult and assist. Newly diagnosed individuals are able to talk to and gain knowledge from someone who has experiences with MS.


Help Us Help People With MS. Multiple Sclerosis Alliance is a local entity. We can make sure all donations stay within the local area helping people with MS. Please Give Generously.


We are always looking for outstanding energetic people as part-time administrative volunteers, as well as people interested in working with us on special events.