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Our Team

We are happy to introduce the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado team. Committed to bring hope, health and independence to those with MS.

  • Nikki Pfeiffer has served as Executive Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado for over a decade, fulfilling MSA’s mission of helping clients live their lives with hope, health and independence. During this time, she has greatly expanded services to local clientele and increased community awareness of multiple sclerosis.

    A successful business owner in both California and Colorado, Nikki began raising money for charities with her husband and children over 20 years ago. After Nikki was diagnosed with MS, the MS Society became the family’s charity of choice, and their family-run events brought in over $100,000.

    MSA soon reached out to Nikki and invited her to join the board as their fundraising director. There, she was instrumental in turning an $8-9,000 yearly casino night fundraising event into a $40,000 affair.

    It was about this time that she realized MSA’s budget couldn’t afford the large administrative fees charged by the parent organization. So she helped MSA split from the parent and become a completely independent, locally-supported organization. The newly constituted board appointed Nikki Executive Director of the independent MSA, where she has served ever since, helping families cope with the financial, physical and emotional effects of MS.

    Nikki Pfeiffer earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree with honors in Speech Pathology from the University of Mississippi for Women.

  • A Colorado native, Katelyn joined the MSA in April of 2023 and quickly became a favorite with our clients. She brings with her a wide range of business and community relation skills, which includes working in the dental field. Katelyn herself was diagnosed with MS at the age of 21. The issues our clients face are personal to her, and it's easy for her to stay focused on the needs the MSA was established to serve. Katelyn’s presence in the MSA office, handling everything from the phones to communicating with clients, maintaining the membership database, and greeting visitors is a welcome addition to the MSA. Katelyn graduated from the University of Phoenix with an Associate of Arts degree in Hospitality.

    Katelyn is the single mother of a girl and two boys, including a special needs son whom she adopted in 2011. She will tell you that they are her “greatest joy.” She also enjoys reading and gardening, and her close friends and family mean the world to her.

  • Beginning in early 2023, Kathy joined the MSA as Facilitator for our Support Groups. She has a listener’s heart and avoids any hint of being the final source of knowledge. Rather, she promotes interactions among the participants, helping them to find surprising and meaningful insights they can use, while building relationships that allow them to support each other. Kathy’s role extends beyond the confines of the 60-minute group sessions, as well. Kathy is also one of the staff our clients speak to during follow up wellness calls. Sincerely interested in their stories, Kathy listens to life experiences about and beyond their journey with MS, hoping that they feel heard and allowing the MSA to better serve them.

    Kathy’s path has crossed Nikki’s over the decades, and the two women have an enduring admiration for each other. After receiving her master’s degree from Northwestern University in Clinical Audiology, a younger Kathy instructed a younger Nikki at MUW as the latter pursued her degree in Speech Pathology. Now, Kathy uses her psychology background and pastoral care training as she interacts with MSA clients. These two women with a passion for helping others are working to create an atmosphere where those with MS can thrive.

  • Joy is a 2020 addition to the MSA staff, and she came to the table prepared. Her career in advertising and marketing spans across four decades and three continents, and includes TV, print, multimedia, social media, website development, museum exhibits, and the design and development of visitor centers. She’s a published writer in both English and Spanish and is the author of the book, “The AutiMom Club," which is currently being considered for a comedy television series.

    Joy has long held Nikki Pfeiffer in high regard and has tremendous respect for the MSA. She is honored to now grab an oar and help propel the organization along in its mission.

  • Lindsey joins the MSA with a background in accounting and office management. Her additional service, as a Notary Public and a paralegal for three family law firms, has given her a well-rounded skillset that will greatly benefit the MSA. But this tells only half of her story. Lindsey has a compassionate heart and has spent her life serving those around her. While working and raising four children, she went on mission trips to Honduras not once, not twice, but eight separate times!

    Today she has one son serving as a Marine Embassy Guard in Europe, another son finishing up his teaching degree in Greeley, CO, and adopted twins, son and daughter, who are currently seniors in high school. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys travelling and gardening on her five-acre ranch, where you are likely to find her flanked by her four dogs and 22 chickens. The MSA is delighted to welcome Lindsey to the team!

  • Amy has been working with the MSA as a grant writer since 2017. Prior to this she worked for a brief time as an Art Therapist for the Women’s Group. Amy’s received a certificate in Grant Writing, Management and Program Evaluation from UCCS and also received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University. She is passionate about helping people and making that which is invisible, visible.

  • A 2020 addition to the MSA staff, Bryan Koenig has worked in customer service and tech support for over seven years. He specializes in helping clients with everyday tech needs from setting up new tablets, to diagnosing and repairing computer systems and everything in between. He is patient and able to talk the client through any tech issue that may arise. In his free time, Bryan enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as progressing in certifications and education. You can reach him directly at (662) 769-3126, or by clicking on his name to begin an email to him.