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There is always something to look forward to at the MS Alliance! Check out what's coming up...

  • You have the power to feel better every day. All it takes is a bit of a stretch. Kinesiology Specialist, Brynn Adamson, PhD, leads us through a series of stretches specifically selected for people with MS; Simple, comfortable, targeted and effective. Feel better and enjoy life more starting today!

  • Why group drumming? Simple: It puts you in sync with others, lifts your spirts, burns off aggression, fosters greater focus, stimulates problem solving, and will make you laugh with pure pleasure. It is the most therapeutic activity you’ve ever tried! Join us for this once-a-month Tuesday event at 11:00am and find out why we are all hooked! Note: There will be no Women's Group session any day Therapeutic Drumming is held.

  • Lunch On The Town
    Lunch On The Town

    What could be better than Great Company? How about Great Company WITH Great Food! Our Mixed Social Group ventures out into the town to a different restaurant on the first Thursday of every month. Bring your appetite for food and friendship and join us!

  • Get ready for a class like nothing you've ever tried before. Zumba is movement that meets participants where they are while energizing them with fun Latin rhythms. You will honestly forget you are exercising! Brynn Adamson leads these enjoyable classes, hosted both in-person and over Zoom.

  • PT with Patty
    PT with Patty

    One of the MSA's most popular and long-running programs, PT with Patty is hosted by Patty Glatfelter, a retired physical therapist with MS. Patty provides insights, adaptive exercises and fantastic life hacks that help make everyday life with MS easier and more comfortable. These classes are held once a month, simultaneously in person and over Zoom.

  • Men's Support
    Men's Support

    Long hailed as the one place where men can speak freely about their MS concerns and receive truly targeted feedback and encouragement, our Men's Support Group now meets weekly over Zoom on Mondays at 11:00am. To receive a Zoom link, contact the office.

  • Twice a month, our Pueblo members meet to support one another and discuss the locally-encountered concerns and treatments options for MS suffers. This focused and welcoming group meets on the first and third Thursday of the month, starting at 11:00am, at the Center for Self Reliance.

  • A place where girls can be girls in a supportive environment based on friendship. This group is currently meeting over Zoom.

  • Because our members requested it, we've created a group that everyone can attend together. Our Social Group meets every Thursday, at 1:00pm. Make it a regular part of your weekly routine!

  • Coming Soon: Caregivers Support Group
    Coming Soon: Caregivers Support Group

    Because caregivers need care too. This new support group is still in the planning phase, but look for it to join our group lineup soon!