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Brian’s Weekly Yoga and Exercise Class

Spotlight: The sounds of deep breathing and laughter is what you’ll hear approaching Brian’s weekly yoga and exercise class hosted at the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance office. Soft lighting matches the soft and gentle tone of Brian’s directions. His positivity and subtle directions create a fuzzy and serene atmosphere, and you find yourself relaxing without trying.

Brian regularly emphasizes how important your mindset is during the class -

“The mind can make a rainy day out of a sunny day and a sunny day out of a rainy day.”

He uses lots of visuals and explains every move thoroughly. All of the stretches and poses are altered classic yoga poses for more accessibility - and he focuses on recognizing each person’s limits.

“Always listen to your body before you listen to me,” he says with a bright smile.

The entire class is done sitting down for those who have low mobility, but the result is still amazing. Clients are relaxed, stretched and at ease at the end of the hour and everyone - including our lovely instructor - is in a great mood. We’d like to offer a huge thank you to Brian for his expertise, amazing attitude and for keeping us loose and relaxed.

Come by the MSA main office in Colorado Springs on Tuesdays at 12pm to join us! Brian also leads a class on Mondays in Pueblo at 11am and in Woodland at 1:30pm. Check out our Events Calendar or call the office at 719-633-4603 for more information about yoga.