April Spotlight

Every Christmas, for the past seven years, you can find members of the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado enjoying delicious food, a cozy atmosphere, great company and good cheer at the Annual Christmas Luncheon hosted by the Fraternal Order of Eagles #143. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize Cindy who has been an integral part in helping the MSA be one of the organizations that is able to participate in the Christmas Luncheons hosted by the FOE. Cindy’s role with the FOE has changed over the 15 years that she has been a member to include holding office at one point. Cindy is an active member of our community and is ever so humble in accepting gratitude and thanks for her hard work and dedication. She shared some history of the FOE and noted that the luncheons began with the Women’s Auxiliary of the FOE in 1962. These women often knitted items to be sold to raise money for the luncheons and would begin knitting the very next day after the luncheon to get started for the next year. The MSA is thankful for this tradition of generosity of the FOE #143 and for Cindy’s kindness, commitment and dedication.

Whether or not we participate, we have all heard of the positive effects that exercise can have on our overall wellbeing. This could not be truer for those with Multiple Sclerosis.

Whether it’s the welcoming ambiance, amazing service or delicious dishes that draw you in, the people at Biaggi’s Colorado Springs create an experience that keeps you coming back. Part of the wonderful experience for us at the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance is due to the kindness and support of Jeff Jenkins, Managing Partner.

Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Interested in making a difference in the liv e of others? Wondering how you can improve the quality of your life? As human beings we all seek a sense of purpose in our lives and many of us find this in the workplace or with family. However, there are many still that feel there is a piece missing. How do we fulfil our need to feel as though we are making a positive impact on our world and the lives of others? The Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado has the answer… We volunteer!

We compiled a list of six of the greatest books to read about giving back. These books inspire the altruistic lifestyle and show anyone can make an impact on the world.

Spotlight: The sounds of deep breathing and laughter is what you’ll hear approaching Brian’s weekly yoga and exercise class hosted at the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance office. Soft lighting matches the soft and gentle tone of Brian’s directions. His positivity and subtle directions create a fuzzy and serene atmosphere, and you find yourself relaxing without trying.