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The Power of Exercise

Whether or not we participate, we have all heard of the positive effects that exercise can have on our overall wellbeing. This could not be truer for those with Multiple Sclerosis. As MS affects many different facets of an individual’s life it is one’s quality of life that may decline due to changes in physical, cognitive, emotional, social and economic status. For some individuals, MS can be debilitating from a single or a combination of varying symptoms like difficulty walking, numbness in limbs, and muscle stiffness and spasticity which can contribute to issues with mobility and stability. While this may result in feelings of discouragement when considering exercise, the benefits may actually help to decrease these symptoms and result in an increase in quality of life. However, the availability of exercise programs that are adapted to accommodate these issues for individuals with MS may have traditionally been difficult to come by.

This is not the case for clients of the Multiple Sclerosis Alliance of Southern Colorado. With the support of a grant from the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, the MSA offers Adaptive Yoga Classes on a weekly basis in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and soon in Woodland Park. These classes are facilitated by a trained Yoga Instructor with the expertise to tailor each session to the needs of the individual participants. A relaxing, supportive environment is created, and clients can participate in deep breathing, stretching and exercise at no cost. Participants report increases in stability, mobility, positive mood and decreases in pain and muscle stiffness.


 If you or someone you know has Multiple Sclerosis, the MSA has many programs and services to offer. You can contact us by phone at 719.633.4603 or visit our website at and check out our Events Calendar for ongoing programs and upcoming special events!